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Vancouver First Aid and Safety Services

Canruss Medical & Safety Services provides cost effective Industrial safety, first aid and other medical services in Vancouver and the Vancouver lower mainland. We also have another 5 branches and provide emergency first aid and safety services throughout BC. There are many reasons why companies rely on Canruss for paramedic services, nurses, security services, safety services, mobile treatment centres, certified medical attendants, and Industrial services for first aid:

A good example is the capital cost for custom trailers with emergency eye wash stations, showers, VHF radios and attendants for first aid.

Flexibility, reliability and selection is another reason why many companies outsource their Industrial medical services and first aid to Canruss. With Canruss, all it takes is a simple phone call and we can put together the right combination of first aid and certified medical personnel, while saving you a lot of money.

Vancouver Services

Below you will find our service area in the Vancouver lower mainland for Industrial medical services and first aid. First aid, paramedic, rescue, fire suppression, security and safety services are available anywhere in the greater area of Vancouver.

Here are just some of the certified medical staff and services available for Industrial medical services and first aid:

  • First Aid Attendants*
  • Emergency Medical services
  • Nurse and Nurse Practitioners
  • Paramedics
  • Training Services
  • Safety Services
  • Fire Suppression Services
  • Rescue Services
  • Security Services


*Note: Our first aid attendants have minimum 3 years practical experience in addition to their Occupational First-Aid Level-3 (OFA-3) certification. Our medical professionals also have WHMIS, TDG, Petroleum Safety Training, Wildlife Awareness certification and a clean Driver’s Abstract to ensure the highest standards are always maintained for first aid.

Need First Aid or Medical Services?

If you need first aid or Industrial medical services, then you should give us a call. A Canruss professional can show you how much money we can save you with the right combination of our services. You can also schedule a free, no obligation consultation on Industrial medical services, including first aid.

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Industrial Medical Services

With its location on the Pacific Rim and at the western terminus of Canada’s transcontinental highway and rail routes, Vancouver is one of the nation’s largest industrial centres. Canruss Medical & Safety Services provides licensed medics, Paramedics and Nurse Practitioners to the Greater Vancouver area including Squamish. Canruss is fully committed to provide exemplary service, equipment, and personnel that exceed industry standards.

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