First Aid in Kamloops

Canruss Medical and Safety Services outsources the operations and management of medical and safety services, such as first aid. Working in a variety of industries in and around Kamloops, such as Mining, Construction, Forestry and more, Canruss customizes services to fit each customer’s specific needs and ensures cost effective, professional first aid, while protecting your people, your reputation and your assets. Canruss is one of the largest companies in BC for remote location medical services outsourcing and Industrial first aid.


First Aid and Safety Outsourcing Management

First aid and safety outsourcing is a great way to preserve your capital while supplying qualified and efficient, cost effective medical services.

There are many reasons to consider outsourcing your safety services and first aid:

  • Free up staff to focus on other areas of the business
  • Receive expert advice without paying for a full time employee
  • Flexibility to bring in a first aid consultant just when and how long you need it
  • The objectivity of a third party to give your safety and first aid programs an unbiased evaluation
  • Allows you to bring in a management expert who has the benefit seeing all types of systems working in your industry to ensure that all first aid and safety practices are up to date

Qualified First Aid and Medical Staff

All of Canruss’ first aid attendants have at least 3 years practical experience, in addition to their Occupational First-Aid Level-3 (OFA-3) certification. First aid attendants are also required to have WHMIS, TDG, Petroleum Safety Training, Wildlife Awareness and a clean Driver’s Abstract. These are the minimum requirements to work on any job site where Canruss is providing medical services and first aid.

Here are some of the medical and related services Canruss offers including first aid:

  • First Aid Attendants
  • Emergency Medical services
  • Nurse and Nurse Practitioners
  • Paramedics
  • Training Services
  • Safety Services
  • Fire Suppression Services
  • Rescue Services
  • Security Services

Need First Aid and Safety Services?

It is easy to presume your business is already in compliance with first aid and regulations when everything is running smoothly. But accidents are more common than most people realise, so prevention is important.

An industrial site with heavy machinery will have different safety and first aid needs than an office, so general online information might be unclear. Canruss can evaluate and determine your company’s first aid and safety needs and put together a professional, cost effective plan to protect your business.

First aid and safety regulations can be precise and complex, and the consequences of neglecting them can be costly. Outsourcing to Canruss will save you money and increase your bottom line whatever your needs are for safety and first aid.

For more information, give us a call, or schedule a free, no obligation consultation on outsourcing safety and first aid.

Kamloops Industries Canruss Serves

Forestry Medical Services

Mining Medical Services

Industrial Medical Services

Forestry, mining, retail and agriculture have always been predominant industries fuelling the economy of Kamloops. Canruss Medical & Safety Services provides licensed medics, Paramedics and Nurse Practitioners to the City of Kamloops. Canruss is fully committed to provide exemplary service, equipment, and personnel that exceed industry standards.

Kamloops Safety Services We Provide

First Aid
First Aid
Canruss Paramedic Services
Canruss Rescue Services
Canruss Fire Suppression Services
Fire Suppression
Canruss Security Services

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