Kamloops Paramedics & First Aid

Canruss Provides Kamloops Paramedic & First Aid Services

Kamloops Overview

Kamloops is a city in south central British Columbia in Canada at the confluence of the two branches of the Thompson River near Kamloops Lake. It is ranked 37th on the list of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada and represents the 44th largest census agglomeration nationwide, with 85,678 residents in 2011.  There are 82 parks in Kamloops, covering a total of 1,350 hectares. Kamloops is Canada’s Tournament Capital, and hosts over 100 tournaments each year consisting of 27, 878 participants.

Kamloops Paramedic & First Aid Services
Kamloops Paramedic & First Aid Services

Kamloops Industries Canruss Serves

Forestry Medical Services

Mining Medical Services

Industrial Medical Services

Forestry, mining, retail and agriculture have always been predominant industries fuelling the economy of Kamloops. Canruss Medical & Safety Services provides licensed medics, Paramedics and Nurse Practitioners to the City of Kamloops. Canruss is fully committed to provide exemplary service, equipment, and personnel that exceed industry standards.

Kamloops Safety Services We Provide

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First Aid
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Fire Suppression
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