Terrace – Kitimat Paramedics & First Aid

Safety and Medical Services Outsourcing

Canruss Medical and Safety Services provide safety related medical services outsourcing for Terrace, Kitimat and other remote areas in BC. Our company provides services for first aid, emergency and rescue services, paramedics, security and safety services for companies with operations in the Terrace and Kitimat area. There are three main reasons why many companies and large corporations outsource Canruss safety, security, rescue, paramedic and medical services:

  1. Instead of incurring major infrastructure and personnel costs,many companies prefer to save money with Canruss medical, security and safety services. Emergency medical vehicles and equipment can be extremely expensive to purchase and require licensed professionals to operate and maintain. Canruss customers save capital costs, reduce recurring expenses and conserve their capital by outsourcing their security and medical related services to our company.
  2. Our ambulances and Mobile Treatment Centre units are four-wheel drive equipped and able to service remote locations in all weather conditions. Canruss supplies nurses and nurse practitioners to work in remote camps throughout Western Canada, including Kitimat and Terrace. Canruss has the experience, infrastructure, equipment and licensed professionals for remote security, safety and medical services.
  3. When it comes to safety and rescue services, our highly trained and equipped professionals know the local terrain. In emergency situations where time is critical and lives are at stake, it just takes a phone call to activate our rescue services.
Kitimat | Terrace Paramedic and First Aid Services
Kitimat | Terrace Paramedic and First Aid Services

Canruss Services in Terrace and Kitimat

Terrace and Kitimat are major transportation, retail and service hubs in Northwestern BC. Terrace and Kitimat are surrounded by large remote swaths of land. The area supports a variety of industries including oil and gas, forestry, mining and other industrial operations. The port of Kitimat is an integral part of the Northwest Corridor connecting North America to the Pacific Ocean and Pacific Rim. Our company has the people, experience and specialized equipment for remote medical services.

Medical Services Experience

Canruss has extensive experience with a wide range of industries. Oil and gas, forestry, mining and other commercial industries rely on us for their security, safety and medical services.

Forestry Medical Services

Oil and Gas Medical Services

Industrial Medical Services

Canruss Medical and Safety Services provides licensed medics, Paramedics and Nurse Practitioners to the Kitimat and Terrace communities. Canruss is fully committed to provide exemplary service, equipment, and personnel that exceed industry standards. Give us a call or use our simple contact form for info on our medical services.

Terrace and Kitimat Safety Services We Provide

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