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First Aid, Security and Safety Services

Canruss Medical & Safety Services provides industrial first aid and other medical services in the Fort Nelson, BC area. Our Fort Nelson office supplies whatever combination of certified first aid attendants, paramedics, security services or safety services you may need. Canruss specializes in providing cost effective service combinations to take care of your requirements for security, safety and first aid.

Our cost-effective first aid, security and safety services lead to increased operational efficiency and lower expenses for your organization. Canruss Medical & Safety Services has a successful track record across a wide array of blue chip companies in Oil & Gas, Energy, Mining, Construction, Forestry and other industries. Cost effective reliability is one of the reasons why so many organizations insist on Canruss for their security, safety and first aid.


First Aid and Medical Services

Canruss Medical & Safety Services provides licensed first aid attendants, paramedics, nurses and nurse practitioners through the remote areas of BC. Our first aid attendants have minimum 3 years practical experience in addition to their Occupational First-Aid Level-3 (OFA-3) certification. Also, all our medical professionals have WHMIS, TDG, Petroleum Safety Training, Wildlife Awareness certification and a clean Driver’s Abstract to ensure the highest standards are always maintained for first aid.

Canruss Medical & Safety Services also offers Nurse and Nurse Practitioners for remote camp settings throughout Western Canada. Licensed in the province they are working, our licensed Nurse and Nurse Practitioners have a minimum of 5 years of practical medical experience, including first aid.

Canruss Medical & Safety Services provides emergency Paramedic services for industries in remote locations in BC. Our Paramedics have minimum 5 years practical experience in addition to their Paramedic license. Our ambulances and Mobile Treatment Centre units are four-wheel drive equipped. Canruss works in remote locations, in all types of weather conditions, for instant emergency medical first aid.

Additional Services

In addition to first aid and medical service outsourcing,Canruss offers security, training and safety services. Our goal is to help you exceed your safety targets, positively impact your productivity and conserve valuable capital. If you are looking to save money you should call Canruss Medical & Safety Services.

You can also schedule a free consultation for a quote on our services including first aid.

Medical Services Experience

Canruss has extensive experience with a wide range of industries. Oil and gas, forestry, mining and other commercial industries rely on us for their security, safety and medical services.

Forestry Medical Services

Oil and Gas Medical Services

Industrial Medical Services

Canruss Medical and Safety Services provides licensed medics, Paramedics and Nurse Practitioners to the Fort Nelson communities. Canruss is fully committed to provide exemplary service, equipment, and personnel that exceed industry standards. Give us a call or use our simple contact form for info on our medical services.

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