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Canruss Founder

Canruss provides BC medical safety services and was founded by Paramedic Steven Ryder in Fort Nelson in 2005. With over 25 years of Service to the Province of British Columbia, working in all corners of the Province and serving in multiple capacities including Paramedic, Instructor, Dispatcher and Supervisor. Steven has thorough knowledge of the geographic areas of the Province of BC and has a strong understanding of the pre-hospital care assets and capabilities in the remote and rural parts of the Province.

Since 2005 Steven has grown Canruss from 5 to 25 vehicles including Mobile Treatment Centres and Industrial 4×4 Ambulances. In addition, Canruss has added First-Aid Trailers and First-Aid Shacks to its fleet.

One of our greatest achievements came in 2012 with the opening of our new large location in Terrace BC. With the purchase of a large commercial building including office space, staff housing and truck bays, Canruss has become a leader in providing medical services to the Northwest corner of the Province.

BC Medical Safety Specialists
BC Medical and Safety Specialists

Canruss Medical & Safety Services provides both BC and Alberta licensed First-Aid Attendants, Paramedics, Security Professionals, Rescue Technicians and Nurse Practitioners. Steven’s previous work experience has allowed him to obtain access to many qualified, and most importantly experienced Paramedics at all different levels to meet our client’s needs.

Fully Trained & Qualified

Canruss Medical Staff

Our Emergency Medical Technicians, Occupational First Aid Attendants, Paramedics, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners are registered members of a recognized professional associations.

The pride of Canruss Medical & Safety Services is our people. Our team members are selected for their qualifications, experience, specialised backgrounds, initiative, resourcefulness, and problem solving abilities.

They come with proven experience and training. Our staff are physically fit, can respond effectively in the terrain and conditions of remote work sites. We have experience working in seismic operations, road building, mining, drilling, completions, remote camps, pipelining and general construction.

All staff conform to drug testing and strict in-house certification and training requirements.

If you are interested in working for Canruss Medical & Safety Services, apply online.

BC Paramedic Staff at Canruss Medical and Safety Services
BC Paramedic Staff at Canruss Medical and Safety Services

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